Fauja Singh to Run His Last Marathon At Age of 101

fauja singh 2013

We love Sardar Fauja Singh.  We really, really do.

On Sunday, Fauja Singh will run his final race in Hong Kong at the tender age of 101.  Jezebel recently covered Fauja Singh in a piece about  women’s rights, and just today Jordan Conn wrote a compendious and inspiring article for Outside The Lines on ESPN about Fauja Singh’s life and the “missing” Guinness Book of World Records title.  This article, along with stunning photographs, spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter today – reminding us just how much the world loves Fauja Singh and what he represents.

On the first day of training, Fauja arrived limber and energetic and dressed, as he believed was perfectly appropriate, in a dazzling three-piece suit. Harmander told him he needed a wardrobe change. After adamant protests, Fauja relented, ditched the suit and bought running gear. He showed up every day after that, building his routine around his training schedule. His mileage increased as the weeks passed. Race day arrived. After 6 hours and 54 minutes, 4:48 behind winner Antonio Pinto, Fauja crossed the finish line. At age 89, he was a marathoner. Soon, he would be a star.

We will be wishing you well on Sunday, Fauja Ji!  Thank you for continuing to be such an activist and a positive soul and for reminding us of the importance of health and happiness.

– The Langar Hall


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9 Responses to “Fauja Singh to Run His Last Marathon At Age of 101”

  1. "I take happiness in biggest proportions though my actual diet is very small." — Fauja Singh

  2. pnkr says:

    He is a true Sikh – vegetarian: physically & mentally fit, the way we're all supposed to be. A true warrior of Whaheguru will always be vegetarian. Eating animals is utterly repulsive and demonic. The fictional stories of the Gurus not being vegetarian were spread by Brahminical agents. Normal human lifespan even in this age is 120.

  3. pnkr says:

    One Gursikh with whom I am acquainted has told me that Kaljug actually ended when our 10th Master revealed the Khalsa in April of 1699. So we are now in a transitional phase, approaching a Golden Age and human lifespans will continue to increase dramatically -like the Satjug lifespan, pretty much similar to that.

  4. Jaswinder says:

    I am really proud at Fauja Singh. Nice Blog.

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